Golfing is certainly a warm weather pleasure. For most people in the United States, golf is limited by the seasons, readily enjoyed spring through early fall but interrupted by unsavory ice and snow in the wintry months. However, this is not true for Californians. Here, in the Golden State, seasonal storage is not needed for golf clubs. Instead, residents enjoy winter golfing in Southern California. Even if there is a blizzard elsewhere in the country, the Californian sun will continue shining all the way through December, January and February, perfect for the avid golfer. Here, in southern California, you do not have to give up shorts and suntans for Holidays and winter vacations. Quite the opposite, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in Southern California!

Take advantage of the nice weather

Calabasas is one of the sunniest areas in Southern California, boasting pleasant weather during the cold months. The average temperature in Calabasas in December is 65 degrees, very fine weather indeed for the dedicated golfer. Therefore, if you are a golf enthusiast and dislike inactivity during the holiday season, consider golfing during the winter. In Calabasas, you will find the course vibrantly green and the amenities inviting. Whether you look for a leisurely game between friends, colleagues or family, you will be welcomed by the warm weather and clear blue skies of Southern California. Do not wile away your winter indoors when you can enjoy both holiday cheer and balmy weather in Southern California.

Another reason for a staycation

Whether a Club member or accompanied by a Club member you can enjoy the Calabasas Country Club. The ultimate golfing destination, Calabasas Country Club offers amenities beyond the typical activities for a golf vacation stop. While you are out on the greens, vying for that hole-in-one, friends and family, accompanied by a club member, can explore other luxuries such as fine dining, club events and the indoor fitness center.

However, Calabasas Country Club possesses a very unique place in film history by retaining the last original structures of Warner Ranch, located between the 11th and 15th holes. Therefore, there is something for everyone here, making Calabasas Country Club a premium staycation spot, even for the non-golfer. From the quality of facilities to the diversity of activities, you cannot deny that you will come to love warding off winter’s chill at the Calabasas Country Club where elegance and enjoyment meet.