When compared to sports such as football, golf seems to be in a world of its own with its hushed tournaments and players who are masters of patience and diligence when it comes to skill and practice. Over the years, the golf world introduced some all-time greats whose names will still be iconic for decades to come. Even the absolute novice to the sport will still recognize household names like Sam Snead and Tiger Woods. For many people, these professional golfers are what fostered in them a passion for the sport and encouraged them to not just follow the sport but participate in it. And interesting fact to note Tiger Woods actually first met Sam Snead here at Calabasas Country Club when he was 5 and they played together.

However, as with every sport’s hall-of-fame, records are made to be broken and some up-and-coming golfers are very promising in doing just this as they make way into golf’s spotlight. If you are a fellow golfer or simply appreciate following the sport from the comfort of your home, you will want to know which golfers to watch for this year.

What you can learn from watching them

Some rising elite players to look for includes Tony Finau, Sam Burns and Cameron Champ. Already exhibiting superior mastery of the sport, these pros are sure to give insight into techniques to help your own game!

Tony Finau, a 29-year-old, is still young in the sport but already accomplished. Currently top 10 in the Official World Golf Ranking, Finau only has one PGA Tour win under his belt, but considering his talent and potential, many more are expected in 2019.

A 22-year-old who was ranked No. 1 in both junior and college ranks, Sam Burns has already proven himself as a pro golfer by moving into the paid ranks late 2017. After winning on the Web.com Tour in 2018, Burns easily earned his 2018-2019 PGA Tour Card. Beginning the PGA Tour, Burns most notably got a T-3 that fall at the Sanderson Farms Championship and a T-8 at the Honda Classic where he beat Tiger Woods on Sunday. All of this indicates a very bright future for Sam Burns indeed.

Cameron Champ is already living up to his name when he won the Web.com Tour in 2018! Still in his rookie season this 2018-2019 Tour, Champ went on to take his first PGA Tour win at the Sanderson Farms Championship. Since starting his pro golf career, this 22-year-old is just beginning to realize his full potential as he continues to accelerate through the learning curve and comes into his own as an elite.

As you are watching pro golf, keep your eye out for these dynamic three. Though there are many rising stars this PGA Tour, most experts are betting that these three will be doing more than winning tournaments in the future

The next top name in the game

If you are passionate about golf, you know that watching up-and-coming golfers is exciting since essentially anyone can be the next top name in golf. Just look at the past greats in the sport, no one was born a hall-a-famer but worked and practiced over years to earn that achievement. If any lesson can be gleaned from watching pro-golf is that the secret to success is to play more golf! Whether you are an amateur or a veteran, now is always the best time to try your hand on the green.

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