You might be used to tipping at restaurants or at hotels, but how about tipping wedding vendors?  If you browse the internet you will find several varying answers about these “guidelines”.

Always check your contracts, sometimes tax and gratuity are included. It is important to note that tipping is not mandatory. It should always be your choice, because you have already paid the professional for their services. However, you may choose to write a review as an extra thank you. That is always appreciated, especially when the service providers met or exceeded your expectations the day of the event.

As a premier location for weddings in Southern California, Calabasas Country Club does not accept gratuities. We want you to relax and focus 100% on your special day. Leave the rest to us!

Think of what you can save

The following amounts are simply gratuity suggestions regarding how much is appropriate:

  • Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Similar to a salon: 15-20%
  • Ceremony Officiant: If your officiant is affiliated with a religious organization, tips will probably not be accepted, but a donation to the institution is generally welcome.
  • Photographer and Videographer: Tip is optional, but if you think they have done particularly stellar work in capturing memorable moments from your wedding, $50-150 is appropriate.
  • Staff: For those that serve at the wedding reception and the bar, go by the same guidelines as you would for food and beverage: a standard 15%-20%.
  • Band or DJ: Average tip ranges from $20-$30 per band member if you’re happy with the performance. Tips for DJs can be more expensive, sometimes up to $200.

Your big day was worth it

Booking your wedding at a top venue that can offer reception staff as well as catering, means you won’t have to sweat the details of tipping multiple individuals. Boasting cinematic landscapes and elegant indoor reception areas, Calabasas Country Club is complete with a professional staff and an accomplished chef with 30+ years of experience. And we welcome all bookings; you do not have to be a member to hold your special event at our facility.

One visit to this beautiful venue will convince you that this is the location where you will want to embark on your happily-ever-after.