Golf is home to many great names but probably two of the most well-known are Sam Snead and Tiger Woods. 

One of the top golfers in the world for about four decades, Sam Snead was an icon in the sport. Credited with 82 wins at PGA Tour events including seven majors, “Slammin’ Sammy” was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Later, Snead received the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. Considering the enormous legacy Sam Snead left after his passing in 2002, it is no surprise that another great golfer like Tiger Woods would have looked up to him. 

During an interview, Tiger Woods shared when he first met Sam Snead. It was an unforgettable memory even though Woods was only five years old at the time. While he was playing at Calabasas Country Club outside of Los Angeles, Snead met the young protegee. Paired together to play the last 2 holes, what happened next would stay with Woods forever.

How did he fare?

On the first hole together, Tiger Woods hit the ball into the water. Following the five-year-old to the water’s edge to recover the ball, Snead advised Woods to pick the ball up and continue playing. Woods, competitive even then, refused to touch the ball. Instead, he followed his dad’s clear words to always play it as it is. 

Taking his swing in the water at Calabasas, Woods made bogey on the par 3 and bogey again on the last hole while Snead made two pars. 

The memory he took home

Looking back, Woods recalls that memory as a moment of inspiration when he only lost by two to Snead.  In addition to kindling an even greater passion for golf, Tiger Woods requested to have the signed card to commemorate those two holes alongside Sam Snead at the Calabasas Country Club. Those two holes are still in play at the country club where many golf enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, can try their hand at when following the Calabasas Country Club’s hole map. 

If you are passionate about golf and want to share in the events that made golf history, schedule your tour of the Calabasas Country Club golf course today! Home to memorable moments by the golfing greats, you are sure to experience the nostalgia when playing on the picturesque green at the Calabasas Country Club.