Have you ever heard anyone say they need a vacation from their vacation? That’s because, while taking a trip can be fun, travel comes with its own share of hassles. Flight delays, traffic, driving in a strange city and sleeping on an uncomfortable and unfamiliar bed are all things that can take away from the relaxation and fun you expect out of a vacation. For the citizens of Southern California, the answer is obvious. Why not take time off just to enjoy all the benefits of the very place you live?

The truth is, people travel to So Cal from all over to take advantage of the ideal weather and lovely scenery. And there are countless attractions visit, from the beach to the coastal mountains to everything in between. For avid golfers, Southern California is the perfect place to plan a golf staycation, because of both the climate and the fact that some of the most beautiful courses in the country are located there. A perfect example is the grounds of Calabasas Country Club, located on what used to be the Warner Brothers studio ranch.

Already a member of our beautiful club? You’re ready to go! Still deciding whether or not to join? This may just be the perfect reason.

Planning your staycation in advance

One of the best things about taking a staycation in Southern California is that the balmy weather means it’s comfortable to be outside year-round, so you aren’t limited to scheduling your time off in the summer, when there’s a huge influx of visitors. Not having to deal with crowds reduces stress and improves the overall experience, both of which contribute to a successful vacation.

Other ways to avoid waiting around in lines is to schedule tee times on unpopular days, like during the week, and make reservations for meals at restaurants well in advance. When golfing at the Calabasas Country Club, you can take advantage of the fine dining right on site. And the icing on the cake is that transportation is a snap. No renting an unfamiliar car and paying the exorbitant rates charged by the auto rental companies.

Vacation time doesn’t have to include hopping on a plane and going to far away places. Club members can get the same relaxing experience and spend a lot less by taking a staycation in Calabasas. A week of golfing can be exactly what you need to stop and recharge your battery.

If you haven’t joined yet, become a country club member at Calabasas Country Club, and take advantage of all that comes with that privilege any time you want. There’s something for everyone in the family at our facility. Stop in today and check out the challenging course and top of the line amenities.