The process of improving your golf game can be a long road, marked by a series of small victories rather than a single, “aha moment.” Obviously practice and working with an instructor help you make progress, but it’s important to look for other ways that you can improve your performance, like taking the time to stretch before you hit the green. 

If you pay attention to some of the pro golfer warmup routines, you’ll notice that each has a very particular methodology to getting mentally and physically ready to play. Tiger Woods is known for lifting weights to release pent-up tension and get loose before a match. 

Other pros have very different ways to prepare for a match, and the timing in particular of each pro golfer warm up routine varies widely. Brooks Koepka, who shot a 65 and won the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Championship, showed up less than an hour before his tee time and then skipped warming up to play golf all together. Although Brooks is an excellent athlete, you’ll see very few of his peers following his lead with regard to forgoing warmups.

Follow along

As a general rule of thumb, most golfers prefer to show up 60 to 90 minutes before a round of golf to loosen up and hit some balls on the practice range. If you’ve ever attended a track meet, you’ve seen how the runners spend plenty of time in the infield and on the track between heats, stretching and loosening up their legs before a race. 

Similarly, golfers warm up their muscles before the match starts. Most pro golfer warm up routines include practicing driving and putting and a stretching session to improve range of motion. 

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While you may want to warm up like a pro golfer the fact is that there’s no reason to pick someone else’s warm up as it may not work for you. Instead, take time to try out different methodologies and develop a pre golf warm up routine that works best for you individually. 

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