When you think of a private country club, do you get an image of a stuffy place with a formal environment and unapproachable members? If so, it’s not surprising because that is certainly the way these venues are portrayed on television and in the movies. In reality, there are many places that offer amenities, such as fine dining and a world-class golf course, and pride themselves on being friendly and inclusive.

Calabasas Country Club is a great example of a family country club with luxurious grounds and a comfortable atmosphere. We take pride in our world class golf course and strive to maintain the same entertainment value in all the facilities on site. It’s important to us that there are activities for everyone in the family to enjoy, adults and children alike.

Meeting new friends

One of the benefits of joining a country club is that you can begin to get to know some of the regulars and make new friends — something that’s hard to do at a gym or anywhere else, where the clientele is constantly shifting. Other than guests that members bring occasionally, the membership-only rule allows you to count on seeing familiar faces anytime you visit.

Here at the club, we’ve witnessed singles, couples and families all come together over shared common interests. There is a real sense of community, which enriches the lives of everyone involved.

Enjoying the club

And those are just a few of the perks members enjoy at our family friendly country club! Located on the site of the old Warner Studios Ranch, Calabasas Country Club boasts what is considered a top golf course in the San Fernando Valley.

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