Hollywood tends to steal California’s limelight with its star-studded streets and its glitzy, movie-star reputation. However, if you want to rub elbows with Hollywood’s finest, then the place to reside is not Beverly Hills but Calabasas.

Located west of the San Fernando Valley, Calabasas is a hotspot for big names such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian. Home to movie stars, musicians and TV personalities alike, Calabasas attracts celebrities since it is secure and isolated from the paparazzi that mill around Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. 

Considered a sleepy suburban outpost, Calabasas is rather small (being comprised of only about 24,000 people). This affords residents a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy community events such as BBQs and parades, but this is just one of the perks of living in Calabasas!

It’s like LA, but not

Living in Calabasas offers all the perks of LA without the drawbacks. Easily accessed by the north from the 101 freeway, Calabasas is not the urban sprawl that Los Angeles is. If you are looking for a venture into glamour and historic Hollywood off LA’s beaten path, then Calabasas is your next destination!

Primarily made up of gated communities, Calabasas gives residents a secluded neighborhood — feel without compromising security — which is a critical factor for the many celebrities who currently live there. A tranquil suburban area, Calabasas offers privacy by having few sidewalks or streetlamps, meaning less tourists, though some do visit the area’s annual festivals. Calabasas’ manicured landscape and Mediterranean-inspired architecture is well-worth exploring. From downtown at the Commons to Old Town Calabasas, you will discover luxury with a nostalgic touch of vintage Hollywood with every turn!

The best kept secret

Calabasas may be home to movie stars and mansions, but its best kept secret is the Calabasas Country Club. Originally the Warner Ranch, Calabasas Country Club preserves and reveres its cinematic history by naming each hole on its pristine golf course after a movie that was filmed on the grounds. Here, at the Calabasas Country Club, names of Hollywood icons like Elizabeth Taylor and golfing masters such as Sam Snead show up in the same place.

If you are considering moving to Calabasas, stopping by to tour our Golf Course  is a must! A staple of Calabasas’ community, the Calabasas Country Club hosts social events and golf tournaments that draw people from all social circles. That’s why living in Calabasas is never complete without a membership at the Calabasas Country Club!