Golf is built upon innumerable techniques to ensure mastery and success on the green. Often referred to as golf stroke mechanics, these techniques help golfers to cover the greatest distance with the fewest strokes possible. One of the most important golf stroke mechanics, however, is the drive. A long-distance shot played from the tee box, the drive is intended to move the golf ball over a great distance down the fairway and towards the green.

Over many decades, professional golfers have mastered and perfected the drive. A well-executed drive can smoothly get the ball from the tee to the green. However, a poor drive can set the ball off course or even lose it in the rough which immediately increases the number of strokes needed for the golfer to recover his ball onto the green. In short, the drive makes or breaks a perfect game.

Holding the long-standing record for the longest hit golf ball, Mike Austin is renowned for his drive at 515 yards at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1974. His golf swing, known as the “Mike Austin Swing,” is now practices and taught by golf pros along with swings by other great golfers such as Ben Hogan’s and Tiger Wood’s.

It wasn’t a great shot

Though Mike Austin’s record is incredible, it wasn’t the greatest shot Austin ever achieved. Originally aiming to drive the ball onto the 450-yard par 4, Austin overshot, sending the ball 65 yards past the flag. His opponent, Chandler Harper later found the ball on the next tee box. After stepping off the total distance, onlookers were amazed to discover that Mike Austin had hit the ball over 515 yards. 64 years old at the time, Austin credited the long distance to his technique of swing and a persimmon wood driver with 10 degrees of loft and a 43.5” extra-stiff steel shaft. Today, professional and amateur golfers alike practice the Mike Austin Swing as a way to hone their craft and achieve those sought-after long-distance drives.

Your new personal best

Whether you are aspiring to become a professional golfer or just want to give your game a boost with friends and family, focusing on your drive will guarantee a game-changer. Who knows? With the right technique and training, you may be the next to set the record for the longest hit golf ball in history! If you are looking to practice your swing, Calabasas Country Club is here to help! Offering professional golf clinics, Calabasas Country Club will help you reach your goals so you can enjoy the sport even more on Calabasas’ pristine golf course!