It’s that time of the year when people take a moment to examine their lives and make a mental or written list of things they’d like to change or improve in the new year. Making New Year’s resolutions for golfers is often an opportunity to come up with ways to up their game, especially if they feel like they’re in a rut. Or, for some golfers, the emphasis isn’t on quality, but rather quantity. Instead of getting better at playing golf this year, they simply want to play more golf next year.

Whichever category you fall into, one of the best ways to reach your goal is to join a local golf club, particularly one that has a good list of reciprocal clubs. Becoming a member opens up numerous opportunities to broaden your golf horizons, including meeting new partners, using the facilities to increase your fitness level, and working with the pros on staff to improve your mechanics and strategy.

For progress

At Calabasas Country Club, we provide many services that can ultimately help you lower your handicap. Obviously, having the use of our picturesque and challenging course means you can practice more, but practice doesn’t always make perfect. Sometimes you’ve done all you can on your own and need instruction to be able to move forward. That’s where the different services offered at our golf academy can really help. You can start by signing up to take a lesson with one of our experts, all of which are PGA certified.

You can also take advantage of the Performance Center within the academy. See your golf swing on multi-view video and compare it against a pro swing to identify areas where you could make improvements. Or, use the TrackMan radar system that tracks everything from club path and face angle to the launch and landing of the ball. You’d be amazed how making the smallest tweaks can change your ability level. With the support of our experts and state-of-the-art technology capable of analyzing golf mechanics, you can meet and exceed your goals this year. You might even get a hole in one!

For relaxation

When you join our country club, you also have the opportunity to play new courses as we have a long list of reciprocal clubs both in the U.S. and around the world. Playing different courses and facing the new challenges they offer can help you take steps toward improving your game.

Calabasas Country Club offers many different ways to up your golf game, but we’re about much more than that. With amenities such as a full fitness center, an elegant dining room, and regularly scheduled club events, we encourage you to bring your friends and family along to enjoy a wonderful day out.