To some folks, the idea of setting up a tee time with potential clients may seem like an outdated cliche. After all, hasn’t deal-making moved out of conference rooms and into the virtual world, where instant communication and 24/7 availability have radically altered the way business is conducted? While this is true to a certain extent, our growing dependence on computers actually increases the need to take a step back from screens and enjoy a few hours outside in nature.

Rather than heading into another generic, windowless room, why not conduct a relaxing meeting in the middle of a picturesque setting like the rolling green hills of the Calabasas Country Club? Being outdoors in a no-pressure setting allows you to indulge in more side conversations that help you to get to know your clients better. Playing golf with business associates is a great way to form lifelong relationships both in and out of the workplace.

Shot taking, deal making

Growing your business depends largely on making the right connections. Active networking is the best way to find untapped potential in the market, but it isn’t enough to simply shake someone’s hand at a meet-and-greet, and add them to your online profile. Cultivating relationships is what really makes the difference in the long run. This is one of the reasons playing golf is good for business. Ask you clients to bring along associates to round out the foursome and you’ve just created an instant networking opportunity.

Making deals on the golf course or afterward as you enjoy a meal at the “19th hole” is a great way to accomplish your goals, while getting out of the office. Why sit in front of a computer screen and talk to someone’s virtual image when you can be playing golf with them during a balmy Southern California afternoon?

Bring your new clients back

Playing golf with clients is an excellent way to broaden and strengthen business relationships. And the Calabasas Country Club is the site of one of the most beautiful golf courses in the area, with an interesting history attached to it. Check out the website for the back story on how each hole got its nickname. The more you learn about the CCC, the more you’ll find it isn’t just another country club but rather an unique venue in its own right.

Stop in today and ask about our wide variety of club membership plans. Find the right one for you that not only gives you the access you need for building business relationships, but allows for many memorable hours relaxing with friends and family as well.