Wearing gloves during golf is more than a fashion statement, it is an important strategy in securing a good grip on the club. A majority of professional and amateur golfers wear gloves since the club can slip in a bare hand, especially when perspiring or wet from the weather. In fact, gloves are so common that they are almost an expected part of golfing apparel though most players only wear a glove on one hand.

Though gloves certainly have an important place in the sport, they are not a requirement for golfers. Playing golf without gloves has its perks, too. Expert golfers can achieve the perfect grip on the club without the aid of gloves and may even prefer having a direct contact with the club. Some shots require an extra sensitive touch that can only be accomplished with bare hands. For this reason and others, there are quite a few notable gloveless golfers in the sport.

The legends

Probably the most famous of the gloveless golfers is Fred Couples. A Hall of Famer, Couples garnered the nickname “Boom Boom” for maintaining impeccable accuracy on his long drives off the tee. Which attests to his golfing skill without resorting to exterior supports such as a glove. On the flipside, Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey has been just as successful when sporting two gloves instead of the widely accepted one glove.

Whether the answer is two gloves, one or none, the important factor is what is the right feel for you. When analyzing your stance and swing for long drives, a common mistake is gripping the club too tight. In fact, most professional trainers advise wearing a glove so your grip can remain relaxed without losing traction during those tricky swings.

Why you should follow the gloved trend

As with all techniques, wearing gloves is a trend worth watching as it improves or shifts in the future. Currently, the accepted approach is to wear a glove on the one hand that is your lead hand since it will have the most contact with the club. Determining if your lead is the right hand or left hand may require a professional opinion. At the Calabasas Country Club, we want you to be successful on the green and meet your goals as a golfer. That’s why every so often we offer opportunities for you to learn how to play golf with a complimentary clinic offered by our Hank Haney Certified Instructors, and why we have a Master Fitter on staff who will customize golf clubs for members. Whether it is your first time on the golf course or your hundredth, you will always learn something new at the Calabasas Country Club!