Going to the driving range is the perfect way to improve your golf game. In fact, if you are serious about the game, you’ve probably thought about your driving range routine.

By paying attention to every practice session, you will not only build your strength and control needed to drive the ball, but you will also hone your craft and perfect techniques that distinguish pro from amateur. Wondering where to start? Think about your routine at the driving range first. Anything can be improved upon and we have four tips to help you begin.

Consistency is King

If it’s time to up your game, evaluate you driving routine. Though repetitive, having a consistent routine will pay huge dividends on the golf course. The master’s driving range routine should include these four components:

  • Find a target, but then switch it up. The majority of golfers can become pretty accurate in hitting one target. However, the masters maintain their accuracy even with many targets. By incorporating a variety of targets into your driving routine, you will develop your aim to a level that will bring success on the green.
  • Strengthen one aspect of your game at a time. Sounds elementary but still holds true even for the professionals. Decide which part of your game will be this session’s focus. It could be accuracy, driving, or your swing.
  • Don’t forget to warm up. Just like any sport, stretching is vital. Start your day with a couple of wedge shots to acclimate your mind and body for the practice session. This time will help you re-center and focus on your goal. Not to mention that the wedge is an easy club to use and will boost your confidence.
  • Consistent movement is king. No doubt you have a golf swing routine, but do you remember your practice swings during drives? Depending upon your personal preference, a swing routine is invaluable in developing your muscle memory as well as determining the tempo at which you play the game.

Your time is valuable

Now that you have an idea for your driving range routine, it’s time to put it to work. At Calabasas Country Club, we know your time is valuable and you want to get the most out of your practice sessions. That’s why we offer individual instruction at the Calabasas Golf Academy. Our certified instructors will help fine-tune your game in a variety of mediums, from the putting green to the driving range. When you come to our Golf Performance Center, you will get a professional evaluation of your golf swing. Let us assist you in mastering your driving range routine at Calabasas Country Club and you will be bringing your best game to the green in no time!