When playing golf, chipping is a valuable technique that is often overlooked by amateur golfers. In contrast, professional golfers vouch for the chipping strategy, emphasizing that proper golf chipping can efficiently get you out of the rough and back onto the green. If you have been struggling with high scores from landing in the rough, you should consider this method for your golfing repertoire. Therefore, before you head out to the golf course, consider the following golf chipping tips:

  1. To improve your chipping, you must evaluate your form when taking the shot. By having your shoulders level, your body will be correctly lined up in order to create the appropriate amount of force needed to propel the ball into the air.
  2. Place your ball in the center of your stance.
  3. Check your golf club shaft, tilting it forward ever so slightly.
  4. After aiming your club face, always follow through your swing to ensure that you feel the club hit the back of the ball.

Proper golf chipping should make the ball jump into the air and roll gently in your intended direction.

Improve your entire game

With these tips for improving your golf chipping skills, your golf practice will radically change. Since chipping is fundamentally designed to keep you on the green, you will have better scores. Another benefit of effective chipping is a short game which keeps the sport fun and interesting; a far better alternative to long hours spent retrieving a stray ball in the rough! For these reasons, professional golfers rely on their chipping skills to secure their places on the putting green.

Aim lower

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