From the unique dress code to unusual terms such as “afraid of the dark” for when a ball refuses to fall in the hole, the sport of golf can be intimidating for newcomers. That’s why it helps first time golfers to ease into the sport whether by hitting some balls on the driving range or navigating a mini golf course. Starting in a more relaxed environment will help you become more comfortable with the game’s components.

However, when it is your first time on a full course, you will want to avoid embarrassment. That’s why we put together some critical, unspoken rules to help you learn the ropes and help you on your way to becoming an experienced golfer. Just don’t forget, the most important rule in golf is to have fun.

The essentials

Before you hit the green, keep these top five cardinal rules in mind:

  • Be early to your tee time. Don’t plan to show up to your tee time on the dot but allow for 20 minutes prior tee time so you can check in, load your golf bag and finish any other miscellaneous tasks you may have. In golf, arriving early is not just polite, it’s smart.
  • Be efficient with sharing a golf cart. Ineffectively using your golf cart will automatically slow your pace of play. To avoid wasted time, remember to drop you partner off at their ball first and then go to yours. Make sure the person being dropped off has a couple of different clubs, so they won’t have to race back to the cart. That way both parties get fair use of the cart without losing time to play.
  • Take your turn in a timely manner. If you have to ask if it’s your turn, you probably should have gone already. Even if you aren’t up to play next, be an active participant and watch the game unfold instead of sitting back just waiting for your turn. By staying involved with other people’s plays, you will get more out of the game and the group will want you back again.
  • Stay off your phone. Screen time is not just a distraction, but it defeats the whole purpose of playing golf. You are there to relax and hang out with friends or family. Just leave the phone at the cart and enjoy the outdoors!
  • Don’t drive on the green. Lots of work goes into keeping a golf course pristine. Respect the venue and keep your carts to the designated golf cart paths. Not only will the grass stay green, but the players coming after you will appreciate it. No one likes playing on uneven, bumpy ground eaten up by golf carts.

Go with the right group

No one gets all these rules down the first game, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and have fun. Here, at Calabasas Country Club, we welcome all people who enjoy the game of golf. Our friendly staff are happy to assist you on your first day on the golf course.

Even better, if you desire to learn how to be a better golfer, we provide one-on-one instruction with experienced golfers to help you meet your golfing goals. Plus, a performance center with multi view video, a virtual golf simulator and more. Contact us today to learn about all the benefits of having a Calabasas Country Club membership.